Workouts For 100/200.

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Workouts For 100/200.

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I have a sophomore sprinter who is running in the 10.9's FAT, and in the low 22's for the 200, but I would like to give him some workouts for the summer. In the 100 meter, he gets out to a great start, but about 55-60 M into the race people start to catch him and beat him. In the 200M, he needs to retain his speed after the 1st 100M. What would be some workouts for him to do to get ready for this race at the end of July? A Monday - Saturday schedule would be great.
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Your sprinter

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He probably needs to do some repeat 100s or 150s so he can gain some endurance. If he is getting out well and then getting sucked up the last part of race, it may be due to lack of speed endurance. He probably needs to run some 250s and 300s to work on his 200 time. If possible, find an event before this race where he can run open quarter.
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workouts for 100/200m

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Sounds like what your sprinter is facing, is his maintenance part of his race is lacking. Several things could be going on, without having seen his race, I will simply speculate. At this point in the year, he should not have an issue with conditioning. speed endurance. He need to be able to relax(float) in the maintenance phase, he is decelerating at a faster pace than those who are finishing in front of him. There are some workouts to help this. Here is one: place cones at a 15 meter, he will start off sprinting at the 15 meter mark, sprint until 20 meters until the 35m mark(another cone) than float, staying relaxed, for another 20meters(55m, mark another cone), sprint again for 30meters(85m mark another cone) and finally float the last 15-20 meters.

This will enable your sprinter to stay fast and work on relaxing, decelerating slower in the last phase(maintenance in both the 100 and 200). In his 200m race, make sure he drives thru the finish line, this should help him.

Coach Keven
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