800m Racing and Training

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800m Racing and Training

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Hi Coaches
Help if you can. I am new High school coach, and I'm having a hard time training kids for the 800m. because we have snow on our track, and we don't have a indoor track. what do I do.
My background is in Jumps not 800 and above.
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800 Meter Training and Racing

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A recommended developmental program. Some athletes needs two days to recover before the next 800 meter speed workout. The last lap of the 800 meter race is depended on maintaining your volume miles per week and especially maintaining your long run once a week or once every two weeks. The long run is determine by taking 20% of your total volume miles per week that will determine your minimum long run, 25% will determine your maximum long run.

Training Volume Miles or Kilometers Per Week:
13-14 ... Males: Miles/Kms 20/32 ......... Females: Miles/Kms 20/32
14-15 ... Males: Miles/Kms 30/49 ......... Females: Miles/Kms 30/49
15-16 ... Males: Miles/Kms 40/65 ......... Females: Miles/Kms 30/49
16-17 ... Males: Miles/Kms 45/73 ......... Females: Miles/Kms 35/49
17-18 ... Males: Miles/Kms 50/81 ......... Females: Miles/Kms 40/65

Speed workouts for 800 meter runners during the Precompetitive Phase

100 meter workout:
1-2.5 seconds slower than best effort over the distance
16-20 x 100's with 2-3 minutes jog rest

200 meter workout:
Race Pace
12-16 x 200's with 2-3 minutes jog rest

400 meter workout:
Race Pace
4-6 x 400's with 2-3 minutes jog rest

600 meter
4 seconds slower than Race Pace
4 x 600's with 2-3 minutes jog rest

If the athlete cannot achieve the times desired during the interval workout, or if the recovery time exceeds the above prescribed, the athlete must discontinue the workout.

Speed workouts for 800 meter runners during the competitive phase.

800 Meters - The Competitive Phase

100 meter workout:
All out
10 x 100's with 2 minute jog rest

200 meter workout:
4 @ 2-4 seconds slower than race pace with 2 minute jog rest
4 @ race pace with 2 minute jog rest
4 @ 2 seconds faster than race pace with 2 minute jog rest

400 meter workout:
all out
3 x 400's with 5-8 minute recovery

600 meter workout:
race pace
3 x 600's with 100 meter jog rest

Note: The successful 800m workouts above were shared by Coach Vigil.
Let me tell you a story. I have had the opportunity of hearing and meeting with Coach Joe I Vigil, Ph.D. I listen to him in Orange County, southern California. One clinic I attended, Coach Vigil, he invited coaches from different countries to make presentations of their training philosophy in a weekend clinic in San Francisco, California. I also met him at Mammoth Mountains Resort high altitude where athletes of all ages train. At Mammoth, in the latter phase of the summer, morning time, after my team's training workout, I walked in a coffee shop and saw Coach Vigil sitting down and I said hello, and he invited me to sit with him, and we talked about training and another time during the week, lunch time at a restaurant, Coach Vigil shared his philosophy and workouts, he asked if I would be interested in listening about "Acceleration Workouts" he took his time writing patiently on pages and he's explaining the details at the end of the season using acceleration workouts and he wrote his phone number if I had any questions to call him. The information that he shared with me, was way before his book was published "Road To The Top". In another time, in Irvine, California he also share Advanced Cross County information: Coach Vigil spoke to a large group of coaches about "What's wrong with American Distance running," "Philosophies of Individual and Team Harmony," "Basic to advance cross country training programs," "Adaptation to work loads," and in the end of the clinic there was questions and answers session.

What I love about Coach Vigil, he was helpful, patient, polite, respectful, and physiology knowledgeable and after he finished speaking at the clinic, he would find a place to sit and lounge, there were always coaches and friends sitting around him talking, sharing stories and most of us we were mostly listening to a great coach with a strong message, a desire for your athletes to be the best. What I have learned from listening from Coach Vigil, he's knowledgeable in exercise physiology and understanding the energy pathways in training and racing. All of this scientific information he shares is in his book "Road to the Top" with periodization tables with all the endurance elements, and workouts in all the distance events.

Coach Vigil has a new book I highly recommend "Chasing Excellence". It's the remarkable life and inspiring Coach Vigil's philosophy.

This last season 2023 I used Coach Vigil recommended shared workouts mentioned above, we had a 800m runner run 1:54. In past seasons I have had an 800 meter runner running 1:56. In one season we had three 800 meter runners, running 1:57 and a 400 meter runner, running 48. All four qualify in the morning Arcadia Invitational National meet in the sprint medley (400,200,200,800) relay, they medal. In another year we had a female athlete run the 800 meter in 2:16 and ran in the National Arcadia Invitational night meet. A few years ago, we had another 800 meter female athlete, run 2:18, she was strong and ran 61 seconds in the 400, the goal was to run 2:14, she was tripped and felt down at CIF Finals. All the athletes were under Coach Vigil 800 meter training program.

In the near future the notes that Coach Vigil shared I will post and also I will be posting future legendary coaches notes who I have had an opportunity to meet personally. They have all given me permission and handed me personal notes, letters and handouts to my surprise. Great coaches that I have had an opportunity to meet had no problems sharing their ideas and notes in making coaches and athletes better.

Coach George Payan
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