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Speed and Strength Training

Posted: Sat Jun 03, 2006 7:00 pm
by George Payan
I just read your article about Training the Energy System. I hear this a lot, quality not quantity. I coach high school boys and what I have done in the past is start out doing some longer interval sprints like you mentioned, 10 X 200. As we progress through the year we will get into 200’s at race pace, 150’s no slower than 18 sec. 100’s and then shorter sprints. This is just a general idea of what we do. It sounded like in the article 10 X 200 style workout at first is okay but in the long run does not build speed and make kids faster. I have a junior right now who runs 11.2 in the 100, his 200 drops off to a 23.8 so I know strength is also an issue here. In the summer and winter, we will hit the weights to build strength. What type of workouts should he be going through to get below 11 in the 100 and 23 in the 200 for his senior year? He is a very good starter but I would like to see him grain more speed throughout the race instead of maxing in the first 50 and trying to maintain. Again, I know that has some to do with strength but if the training can be changed I want to seriously look into that. Finally, what do you recommend for weights. We focus on different forms of squat, clean, push press, hamstrings etc. A lot of focus on power lifts, low reps and fast movements. Is this the right direction or should it be changed as well? Any info would be great.

Thank you,

Coach Robert Boltinghouse

Posted: Sat Jun 03, 2006 7:08 pm
by George Payan