Three step problem in 110 Meter Hurdle

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Three step problem in 110 Meter Hurdle

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I am having problems with my 3 step pattern. I just recently learned to 3 step but I am not sure if I can do it over all 10 hurdles. I am also kind of short (5'7) for the sprint hurdles so I'm worried that I can't cover as much ground as the taller more powerful hurdlers. Should I lift more weights, do more plyometrics, or what? I'm confused.......HELP.
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Hurdler's most important asset is speed. The key to success is maintaining speed between hurdles. This is where rhythm becomes a key ingredient. Also hurdle training must emphasize the following areas: flexibility, strength, stamina and poise. Work on the order of importants.

Hurdle Reference Chart: Boys 110m Hurdle Race

Hurdle Height: 39 inches (high school)

Number of Hurdles: 10

Distance to First Hurdle: 13.72m (15 yards)

Distance between Hurdles: 9.14m (10 yards)

Distance from Last Hurdle to finish line: 14.02m (46 feet)

Strides to First Hurdle: 8-9

Strides Between Hurdles: 3

Strides from Last Hurdle to Finish: 6

Total Strides: 51-52

Flat time vs. Hurdle Time: Add 2.0-2.5 seconds

Take-off Distance to Hurdle: 6'6" - 7'6"

During training it is desirable to use hurdles of reduced height to facilitate the three-stride rhythm and never use hurdle heights greater than the height of the hurdles in competition. No hurdle height is too low when training. Reduce the hurdle spacing this allows you to sprint with confidence and with rhythm between the hurdles.

I understand you're problem in clearance technique it is often the level of strength and power. To improve as a hurdler, you must hurdle. Since you identify your fault in hurdling, emphasize in that area during your first part of training.

The purpose of using drills is correcting an inefficient part (clearance). Ingrain the proper technique. As I mentioned above remember the order of importance.
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