Winter Workouts for H.S. Sprinters and Jumpers

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Winter Workouts for H.S. Sprinters and Jumpers

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While I have plenty of coaching experience at the high school and college level, this past spring I took over as head girls coach at the high school I teach at. My specialty area is mid and long distance runners and am looking for winter workouts for my sprinters and jumpers. The team I took over consist of 43 girls, we only graduated 1 senior. My core group of juniors and sophomores signed a card at our banquet pledging to workout in the winter to become a better team next spring. I want to be able to provide them with this opportunity. I could use some ideas. I am thinking that they will work out 2-3 days per week together on their own during January and February, as we don't do indoor track. I was thinking of some 15-20 minute runs for conditioning and some (4-8) 100 or 200m sprints at 85% speed. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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The training year of the sprinters should be divided into four Season:

Off Season (January-February)

Early Season (March)

Mid Season (April)

Late Season (May)

There are at least 12 types of training categories and a minimum of eight that should be address in your training cycle. For example one type of training category is speed endurance in the off season and late season distance vary from 80-150 meters in the off season; in the late season workouts vary from 30-80 meters for 100 and 200 meter sprinters.

Before you plan your sprinter workouts, you should think about several concepts that needs strong considerations. The basic concepts of going from quantity to quality has not changed over the decades. All workouts should follow a progressive pattern. Speed of the running distance should progressively be shortened as I explained above and in some cases the rest factor as well. Know the various type of training categories. It can be used as a guide when preparing workouts for each part of the season. ... apr_02.htm
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