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Strength Training Workouts for Runners
Artcile By: George Payan, B.S., M.Ed.


Strength Training Can Make An Athlete Run Faster
Artcile By: George Payan, B.S., M.Ed.
Studies have revealed that strength training can raise one's lactate threshold and the speed that can be maintained before the rapid onset of lactic acid accumulation begins to affect endurance performance. The strength trained athletes in one study experienced a very significant 12 percent increase in their lactate threshold.


Components Of a Speed program
Article By: George Payan, B.S., M.Ed.
The following information was obtained in a clinic with permission of Kevin O'Donnell, Speed Dynamics:


How To Start a Beginner in a Running Program
Article By: George Payan, B.S., M.Ed.
Before you can begin a running program, you must understand some of the concepts and principles of running.


Achieving Your Personal Best by Inserting Rest
Article By George Payan, B.S., M.Ed.
Inserting rest into your training plan is a way to assist you  to attain personal goals. Rest is an essential element in any training plan, but is all too often overlooked, and even avoided in some circumstances. Rest is also known as restoration. Restoration is a system of recovery which enables the body to avoid illness and injury. There are two types of rest: active-rest and complete rest.







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