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Article By: Tony Ciarelli
Huntington Beach High School
Throws Coach


WASA / Technique

  • There is no right way to do the wrong thing, technique is everything
  • It is crucial that technique is developed to an optimal level to throw far

KI / Energy

  • The energy of the universe, the energy of positive thinking, the energy of confidence
  • The energy that is stored in your muscles by hours, days, and months of training, practice, and lifting

SHIN / Attitude

  • Positive, aggressive, confident, almost elitist attitude
  • Throwers are the best athletes in all of sport, you are a thrower, act like one
  • How can you lose when you’ve already won
  • If it can be done, you can do it!
  • Act as if it has already come to pass, be a warrior!

Rotational Shot and Discus

Why Spin in the Shot?

  • Create a greater amount of force
  • Apply force for a longer period of time
  • Movements similar to the discus, therefore better motor learning so more carry over to discus and less time spent on drills

The Start


  • weight evenly distributed between both feet


  • Do not transfer weight from left to right
  • Keep weight over hips during wind-up
  • Stay tall
  • Stay relaxed / eyes on the horizon
  • Weight on balls off feet

The Open step

  • Transfer weight onto left leg
    • as you are coming out of wind-up keep the torque
    • do not push your butt toward the front of the ring
    • roatate the right hip around the left leg
  • Rotate left foot and knee open to the left
    • stay on the inside of the ball of your left foot
    • keep left arm back and relaxed, let it chase the left knee
    • keep shot / discus back, let it chase the right hip
  • Kick the right foot out and away
    • get separation between the legs
    • open the knees

The Sweep step

  • Drive the inside seam of the right leg around the left leg
  • Keep the knees apart, sink and drive the left hip toward landing area
  • Dorsal flex the right foot driving the inside of the foot toward the landing area (soccer kick)
  • Stay on the inside of the ball of left foot and get off the left foot early
  • Shoulder should be relaxed and parallel to the ground
    • left shoulder pointing to the landing area
    • shot / discus back, with eyes on the landing area

The Sprint step

  • Inside of right leg and knee should be driven up so the thigh is close parallel to the ground
  • Let the ground come to your right foot
  • The chest should be elevated and opened to the landing area, eyes on the landing area
  • Keep the shoulders torqued
    • run away from the shot / discus, let it chase, separate the implement from the right hip

The Drive step

  • Lift the left heel up, the left shin should be parallel to the the ground
  • Land on ball of right foot do not let the heel touch the ground
  • The pivot of the right foot should start at contact and should continue throughtout the throw
  • Squeeze the knees together, shortest path between two points is straight line
  • Keep the left shoulder and arm in the middle of the ring, right side, shot / discus back and up keep the torque
  • Drive left foot (toe) down to front of the ring , this puts you in the Power Position

The Delivery

  • Drive left arm out wide and away from body
  • Pivot right knee to landing area
  • Drive the right hip up and to the landing area
  • Double pivot, blocking the left leg
  • Keep the shot / discus back, keep the hips in front (separate the hip from the implement)
  • Bring the left hand to the left shoulder, lift and open the chest

The Release

  • Driving up through the whole right side, leg, hip, shoulder
  • Stretch the discus out and away from the body, arm should be at 90 degrees, rip and chase to the landing area
  • Keep the right elbow pointed out and away from the body, thumb down (shot)
  • Punch the chest toward the landing area, and extend the arm with hand flicking out and away (shot)
  • Stay tall during release, eyes and chin up
  • Do not transfer weight from right to left, double pivot up

The Recovery

  • Upon release of the shot / discus the eyes should turn to 90 degrees
  • The right and left legs should reverse with the right foot landing flat in shot on the toe in discus
  • The left foot should be kicked up and to the back of the ring
  • Gain control and reach for the middle of the ring, do not look to the landing area

Article By: Tony Ciarelli
Huntington Beach High School
Throws Coach

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