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10 P.E. Lessons Plans for Track & Field
In The Classroom

Article By: John Tansley

Plan for the Long Jump

- Be sure your sand landing pit and long jump runway are clear of debris.
- Before jumping, the pit should be turned-over with a shovel to the depth of at least one shovelhead. After being turned-over, the entire landing pit should be raked smooth and level
- During class long jumping activities, keep shovels, rakes, brooms and measuring tapes out of the landing pit away from the immediately surrounding area. Be sure any sand is swept away from the runway take-off area before each jump.
- After each jump, stand in front of the takeoff board until the landing area is clear and groomed for the next jumper to begin the approach run.

Tape Measure


1. Practice long jump take-off mechanics: Have students line up on the grass infield facing the instructor or demonstrator. Demonstrate the free leg drive at take-off by jogging 5-yards towards the class, driving the knee up and locking (stopping it) hip-high in the same action as taking-off under the basket for a lay up. Hold this position to a landing. Have the class practice these take-off mechanics several times with a 5-yard run-up.

2. Practice the running approach and landing mechanics: Move to the long jump pit and have students practice several short, 15-yard approach runs down the runway emphasizing, 1) accelerating into the take-off, 2) driving the free leg up, and 3) landing with both feet together in the pit. Jumpers should not be concerned with the take-off board. Instruct students to take-off anywhere near the end of the runway next to the pit and do not call any foul jumps.

3. Practice proper arm-action: For the next attempts, instruct students to try to hold the arms up over the head in flight, and then bring them forward towards the feet at landing.

4. Practice complete long jumps: Stretch a tape measure along the side of the runway down the length of the pit. Increase the approach run to 25-yards. Instruct students to concentrate on, 1) running fast into the take-off, 2) driving the knee of the free leg UP, and 3) holding the arms up over their heads in-flight as long as possible. (Quickly measure jumps from the point of take-off while the pit is being raked level)


Lesson 5:
Plan for the Discus

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