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10 P.E. Lessons Plans for Track & Field
In The Classroom

Article By: John Tansley

Plan for the Hurdles

- Hurdle top pieces should padded, or a tear-away hurdle piece should be used.
- Hurdles are designed to rock forward when hit. Students always must be instructed to run over the front of the hurdle (i.e. in the direction toward the weights at the ends of the hurdle's L-shaped supports).
- Always practice hurdling on a good surface. A level grass field without holes is ideal.
- Set hurdles at low heights and close spacing to let students hurdle with good speed and rhythm from the start.

- 4 lanes of 3 hurdles set at 30-inches (the lowest adjustable height) - 2-lane spacing between the hurdle lanes
- Distance from the starting line to the 1st hurdle: 10-ya
- Distance between hurdles: 5-ya


1. Practice stepping-over a hurdle:
Have students line up in equal numbers on the starting line behind the 4-rows (flights) of hurdles. One-by-one, have them walk forward stepping-over a flight of 3-hurdles.

2. Practice trail log action over the hurdle:
Have students line up to ft side of each flight of hurdles and, 1) place the /lead foot (the foot. that goes over hurdle first) on the ground to the side and ahead of the hurdle, then 2) lean forward and pull their trailing leg up and over the side of the hurdle. Emphasize pulling the trail leg knee towards the armpit and turning the small toe UP towards the sky as the foot passes over the hurdle.

3. Practice load log action over the hurdle:
Have students line up to the side of each hurdle flight, this time with the trail foot behind and to the side of the hurdle. Instruct them to extend the lead leg knee towards the side of the hurdle and clear the foot with a pawing-action back towards the ground.

4. Practice arm action over the hurdle:
Have students walkover a hurdle flight once more, practicing proper lead-leg/trail-leg action and reaching forward with that oppo-5ite arm as the lead leg steps-over the hurdle.

5. Practice running over 3-hurdies: After getting the hang of the walking drills, students will be ready to run over 3 low hurdles jogging speed. Five-yard hurdle spacing will allow them to 3-step in between hurdles, using the same lead leg over each hurdle. More skilled students can repeat the drill at increased speeds with longer hurdle spacing.


Lesson 7:
Plan for the Pole Vault

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