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10 P.E. Lessons Plans for Track & Field
In The Classroom

Article By: John Tansley

Plan for Relays

Running track marked with lanes and 4x I 00m Relay passing zones Starting blocks
Whistle, clappers, or starting pistol
As many relay batons as possible


1. Practice the upsweep relay pass: Divide the class into as many equal-numbered teams as you have batons. Practice baton passes in pairs, going down the track approximately 50-meters, then coming back 50-meters reversing passers/receivers.

The outgoing (receiving) runner must begin running when the incoming (passing) runner with the baton is several strides away!!
- Once he begins running, the outgoing runner should not look back.
- AJI passes are RIGHT-TO-LEFT, i.e. the baton goes from the incoming runner's right hand to the outgoing runner's left hand
- The left hand receives the baton at hip-level with the fingers and thumb pointed down in a "V"'
- The incoming runner calls for the outgoing runner's hand with a verbal command (use 'stick@ and passes the baton with an upsweep-motion into the 'V' of the outgoing runner's left hand.
- After the outgoing runner receives the baton in the left hand, he/she changes it to the right-hand

2. Practice 4 x 100 Motor Relays: Divide the class into balanced 4-person teams (either co-ed or same gender) for 4xlOOm relay competition. After giving lane assignments before starting each race, instruct the #2, 3, and 4 runners for eact7 team to await their teammates by standing in their lanes at the beginning of each respective 20-materoassing zone.

Lesson 10:
Plan for Distance Running

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